Chinese House Hunters All Over The World


The United States is the top investment destination for Chinese property buyers this year, according to the latest report released by, reported China Daily. is a Chinese-language international property portal catering to Chinese buyers.

A quarter to half of all buyers start hunting for property without any particular country in mind, according to the report. “The country where the property is located can be less important. More high-net-worth buyers are beginning to search by property price and lifestyle,” said Andrew Taylor, co-CEO of

The property could be in any country, however, it has to be close to a major international airport or a well-known University. The traditional gateway cities are still the top choices, but Chinese investors also look into newer destinations which are growing fast or have a big growth potentiality.

In the US, in addition to New York City, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Houston, emerging cities which drive more Chinese clients to purchase include Honolulu, Detroit, Charlotte, Chicago and Austin, according to the report.

The Internet and word of mouth are two major channels for affluent Chinese and emerging middle class to buy property overseas, said Taylor.

Juwai now has established relationships with Chinese buyers and the real estate agencies in places like the US.