Tiffany & Co To Expand In China


American jeweller Tiffany&Co hosted last week in Beijing its travelling exhibition Tiffany Diamond, showcasing some of the brand’s most iconic pieces including the 128.54-carat yellow Tiffany Diamond.

Tiffany’s recent fourth-quarter sales results showed a 27 percent increase in the Asia-Pacific region, to US$238 million, and though the company doesn’t break out sales figures in specific countries, Tiffany CEO Kowalski said China was a major driver in the rise. “Diamonds are probably relatively more important here to the Tiffany brand than they are anywhere in the world,” he told WWD.

Kowalski confirmed Tiffany will open three to four stores in mainland China each year for the foreseeable future, carefully choosing store locations. He thinks this can be the most important part of making a lasting presence.