New York Ceramics & Glass Fair To Present Chinese Artworks

"Golden Years", Chen Yan.

“Golden Years”, Chen Yan. (The New York Ceramics & Glass Fair)

Running from January 21 through 25, this year’s New York Ceramics & Glass Fair will feature a large group of contemporary and culturally diverse artworks.

Among the contemporary artists is Chen Yan, a Chinese artist and professor who is making his U.S. debut at the fair with work utilizing unconventional combinations in handmade glazes and through the manipulation of chemistry.

Along with many other contemporary works, contemporary is presenting Made in China: The New Export Ware, an exhibition curated by Leslie Ferrin that explores the dynamics of appropriation and collaboration between Western and Chinese artists.

"Prickly Melons", Lee Gallery & Studio

“Prickly Melons”, Cliff Lee. (Lee Gallery & Studio)

The Imperial yellow glaze of Prickly Melons, a work by Cliff Lee (Lee Gallery & Studio) is a result of painstaking experimentation. Named for its high position in the Ming court beginning in the 15th century, Imperial yellow eluded Lee’s mastery for 17 years, but he finally re-created it successfully in this work. Lee’s work can be found at The White House, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Smithsonian, among others.

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