New York Welcomes Air China’s New-Generation B747-8 Intercontinental

Air China.

Expected to arrive at JFK International at 1:30PM EST local time, Air China’s B747-8 Intercontinental debuts internationally on the Beijing-New York route on January 7,2015. An in-cabin reception will be hosted by Air China’s New York Offices.

Air China’s Flights 981 and 982 will be operated daily by the new-generation B747-8i while Flights 989 and 990 continue to be operated by B777-300ER.

Air China is the first in China to operate the B747-8i and the only airline with nonstop services between New York and Beijing.

Air China 747-8 Interiors

Air China 747-8 First Class Interiors.

“We are pleased that our Beijing headquarters has chosen New York for the international launch of the B747-8i. It is only fitting that the largest city in the United States is the first Air China gateway in North America to operate the fuel-efficient, environment-friendly B747-8i,” said Mr. Yuanlong Zhou, General Manager of Air China’s New York offices.

“the B747-8i is the first aircraft in Air China’s fleet with a four-cabin configuration. This is significant as this provides travelers from New York and other neighboring cities to China and beyond with more options.” Mr. Zhou said.

Features 12 luxury suites in the Forbidden Pavilion first class cabin, 54 fully-flat sleepers Capital Pavilion business class, 66 premium economy seats and 233 in the economy cabin for a total of 365 seats, Air China’s B747-8i is also the first to present the company’s new cabin interior which depicts three traditional Chinese cultural elements that represent the harmonious unity of heaven, earth and sky.

Below is the seasonally-adjusted schedule of the of round-trip New York-Beijing services.

CA 981 Beijing-New York  B747-8i
CA 982 New York-Beijing  B747-8i
CA 989 Beijing-New York  B777-300ER
CA 990 New York-Beijing  B777-300ER

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